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Underlining keywords with different colors isn't just important to more effectively pinning the most meaningful information into your mind. In fact, it will also be very useful for the next step: "training" your mind to make connections between the concepts of greatest importance .

Practice Areas

Try to play a game

Try to play a game: extract in random order two keywords among those you have highlighted, "challenging" yourself to try to understand how they can be connected.

connect concepts and ideas.

Now, since we have just mentioned them, let's bring mind maps into play , tools that will be very useful in the study of law to visually connect concepts and ideas.

Improve memory

In this way your brain will be stimulated to improve memory and connection skills , creating mental maps ... even before putting them in black and white.

The main problem

The main problem, especially in the study of these disciplines, is the fact that the connections in mind mapping are generally more "dense" than in other subjects.

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You could then get anxious to report an enormous amount of information in mind maps, so much so that you run out of space on the sheet!

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5 Financial Mistakes That Can Bring Down a Company

Entrepreneurs manage to kick start their business but in no time, you see them shutting down. Basically, they fail because of not adhering to some fundamental principles. This neglects hits the worse in the shape of financial mistakes which can be very hard to contain. Precaution is better than cure. Making financial decisions is not easy as it is a task that requires critical thinking and throws a lot of responsibility on the person making the decision. Here are 5 financial mistakes and tips on how to avoid them, financial advisor adelaide approved.

Cash Flow

If you are not focusing enough on the cash flow, chances are that you are making a very doomed financial decision. You might be generating profits but this does not entail that the cash flow is rightly managed. Trouble in the form of cash flow goes undetected because all the attention stays towards profit. Keep a track of the cash flow, accounts, expenses and sales. Not only profit but all of these are a part of your finances.

Interest Rates

Debit and credit go side by side. Debts too are a part of your finances. Being in debt is a part of the mechanics of business but overburdened debts are what pull you down. The problem here arises when you do not take interest rates and likes of it (other charges) in account. These charges are basically what will be costing you. Overlooking them can result in a financial crisis. You should always survey the charges and then take on loans and debts so that you can make a far sighted decision.


Always be prepared for the worst. The world of business is very dicey and risky. One minute your business might be thriving and before you even realize, in the next it can be falling apart. Keep some cushion so you can bear the damage. Maintain a reserve like a savings account for your business. This is a step towards securing your business by intelligently managing the finances.


There’s a reason why budgets are so intricately made. From a personal level to businesses and even countries, budgets are made to sort finances. Stick firmly to this practice of budgeting. It will help you in staying organized in terms of expenditure. Budgeting helps in dedicating the right amount of resources in all capacities. It will keep you from spending senselessly.

Big Expenses

Never in the initial years of a business should one go all out for big expenses. Sure, capital investments are the sort that cost a lot when purchasing but go a long way in generating returns. Though it does not mean that you make big capital investments randomly. Make sure to carry out a survey to list your options. Drive a plan to see how far the investment in consideration goes to benefit you. Consider other expenses such as operating costs, maintenance costs etc. One obviously wants the best technology but are you equipped to use that technology to its full potential? Ask yourself such questions to make the investments that do not harm you in the long run.

The Path of a Law

The Constitution establishes that the legislative function is exercised collectively by the two Chambers (Article 70). This means that to become law a project must be approved in the same text by the House and the Senate. The procedure for the formation of the law (the so-called iter) is therefore divided into successive phases:

the presentation of the bill (legislative initiative)
the approval of the Chamber to which it was first presented
the transmission of the text to the other Chamber and its approval in the same formulation or with modifications: if it is modified, the project passes from one Chamber to the other, until it is approved by both in the identical formulation (it is the so-called shuttle)
its publication in the Official Gazette and its entry into force. In the Chamber, the main steps in the ordinary procedure are the following:

a bill, consisting of one or more articles and preceded by an illustrative report, can be presented by the Government, by each deputy, by at least 50,000 voters (these are popular initiative laws), by the National Council of Economy and labor or regional councils. In the Chamber, the texts presented by the Government are defined as bills, while all the others are referred to as bills;

The draft law is first assigned to the parliamentary commission responsible for the matter, which carries out an investigation, prepares a text to be submitted to the Assembly and presents a report .

In its preliminary activity, the Commission may decide to treat together two or more projects (which are called combined ) to present a single report and a single text to the Assembly. To this end, it can choose one of the projects as the basic text of the discussion or it can proceed – possibly appointing a select committee – to drafting a unified text of the various projects.

How to Study Law:Do It in a Shorter Time

When we talk about how to study law we are approaching a vast world full of specializations.

On the other hand, even without being an expert, it is clear that studying civil law is different from studying commercial law, and tax law is not exactly like corporate law!

As if that were not enough, these legal subjects are present in various faculties, from Law to Economics.

In short, a nice mess for those who, like me, are trying to find some ideas on how to study law better and faster, which could be valid for all concerned.

In any case, ban on discouragement!

Even in the face of this jagged and intricate landscape, I have tried to draw a summary picture of the most effective ways to help your brain memorize legal information more easily, to understand how to study these topics well and quickly.

Even before that, however, I suggest you take a look at Study Less Study Better 2.0 by Andrea Giuliodori, the manual that will help you study more quickly, with greater awareness and take away the well-deserved satisfactions at university.

Let’s start with a premise: if you want to be successful in law study you don’t have to study more, but more intelligently!

After all, planning is an integral part of an effective study method.

So before proceeding to the passionate but disorganized reading of the didactic material, try to know your “battlefield”.

Browse books, read chapter titles and introductions, focus on what the most important concepts might be, make connections.

That said, what is the secret of truly effective planning?

Determine in advance how much time you will spend on each exam. Such as? Try to multiply the credits (the famous CFUs) for 10/15 hours of study, as explained in this article.

This will allow you to divide your sessions in a balanced way, avoiding concentrating your study hours close to the exam.

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Jillian Scott

Many fall into this mistake, but remember that the purpose of mind maps is not to put the entire book in the form of a map, but to help you better assimilate the topic and stimulate your memory.

Andrew michaels

Not sure how to make an effective mind map? Then read the article in which Andrea explained the difference between mind maps and concept maps.

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