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Underlining keywords with different colors isn't just important to more effectively pinning the most meaningful information into your mind. In fact, it will also be very useful for the next step: "training" your mind to make connections between the concepts of greatest importance .

Practice Areas

Try to play a game

Try to play a game: extract in random order two keywords among those you have highlighted, "challenging" yourself to try to understand how they can be connected.

connect concepts and ideas.

Now, since we have just mentioned them, let's bring mind maps into play , tools that will be very useful in the study of law to visually connect concepts and ideas.

Improve memory

In this way your brain will be stimulated to improve memory and connection skills , creating mental maps ... even before putting them in black and white.

The main problem

The main problem, especially in the study of these disciplines, is the fact that the connections in mind mapping are generally more "dense" than in other subjects.

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You could then get anxious to report an enormous amount of information in mind maps, so much so that you run out of space on the sheet!

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Jillian Scott

Many fall into this mistake, but remember that the purpose of mind maps is not to put the entire book in the form of a map, but to help you better assimilate the topic and stimulate your memory.

Andrew michaels

Not sure how to make an effective mind map? Then read the article in which Andrea explained the difference between mind maps and concept maps.

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